24 Jan 2011

THAILAND: Thailand to develop textile goods as 'green products'

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Thailand: Thailand’s textile industry will be developed to become a sustainable or ‘green products’ industry in accordance with the government’s Creative Economy policy.

Presiding over a ceremony to launch a development project for Thailand’s textile industry, Permanent-Secretary for Industry Witoon Simachokdee said the ministry had assigned the Thailand Textile Institute to move forward the country’s textile industry development project to achieve the goal of ‘green products’.

According to Mr Witoon, the Thai textile industry expanded over 20 per cent this year, counting around more than US$7 billion in total. He said growth of over 20 per cent is forecast for next year’s business value.

However, he commented that small- and medium-enterprises (SMEs) are worrisome, for they not insufficient funds to improve their products to achieve the ‘Green Product’ aim. The ministry will consider setting up a fund for further assistance, he said.

The Industry Ministry this year has supported 350 SMEs to be grouped as 10 industrial clusters. The same number of clusters is expected to be supported also next year.

Meanwhile, Thailand Textile Institute director Virat Tandechanurat said that the development plan for Thai textile and clothing next year is planned to boost textile production and as a one stop service for textile-related matters, Thailand’s natural resources, culture culture, and history, considered as value creation, are to be applied to the work in textiles for a more sustainable textile industry.

Thirteen projects this year are to be developed to achieve this aim.

Thailand currently exports textile and clothing at over US$7.2 billion. Of the total value, about 10 per cent of the goods are green textile products, which mostly are exported to Japan and the markets of European Union (EU) where customers are willing to pay 20-30 per cent extra to the products compared to normal textile merchandise.

Thailand is at present the leader of green products among countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), whereas the European Union, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China are those already having their green products developed.

Source: Global Textile News, Thailand News


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