10 Jan 2011

US: Importance Of Fabrics In Textile Industries

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UNITED STATES: Fabric is nothing but a clothing material which is made up of threads or yarn. It is a process of knitting, weaving, crocheting, and knotting. Fabric is used everywhere in your daily needs. It is used in curtains, bedding, clothing, apparel, fashion industry, arts, furnishing etc.

Fabric is used in textile industries. Fabric is made up of mainly four sources which is animal, plant, mineral and synthetic.

Animal fabrics like wool and silk which is not produced artificially. But it is taken from the hair or fur of domestic animals like goat, sheep and camel.  The wool fabric is used to make jacket, blanket, and coats for give the warm for human body.

Plant fiber which is consisting of different plants includes cotton, jute, flax, bamboo, straw which used in clothing, doormats, floor mates, mattresses etc.

Mineral fabrics which made up of glass fiber and basalt fibers. This material is metal fibers that is why it is used in clothing of golden & silver lines, jewelry etc.

Synthetic fabric is not a natural material but it is an artificial process. It produces the nylon, polyester, and acrylic. These materials are mainly used in clothing.

Fabrics make our life very colorful. The fact that most folks recognize how fabric can change frame of mind is the reason for the popularity of its colors, materials. Shopping of fabric material is as difficult as finding the needle in the sand. But the person has to put in mind that which material and which color can be suited for their owns clothing, rooms & bedrooms to give a nice look. To change the look of your bedroom it is not necessary to make paint but just change the new fabric in your room make it so awesome. The designs and trends of fabrics can not be static. It always changes day by day.

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